Lightroom: print or export for online printing of specific aspect ratios

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Which is better?

Use the Develop module to crop an image to a specific ratio and then export it to a JPEG


use the Print Module and print them to a JPG with a specific page size (aspect ratio)?

To me, the Print Module seems easier because I don't have to make temporary virtual copies, however I am wondering if this has any downside.

The goal is to upload the images to an online print service to get prints made.

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    The 'problem' with Print is you don't have control over the compression and you have to end up with a JPEG. If that isn't an issue and you don't want to crop a Virtual Copy (and you do realize that if you crop on a master, you can undo it at any time), Print is OK. There's way more control in Export for color space, compression, how the metadata is handled etc.
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