first attempt at figure studies C&C!

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hey everyone!
I'm Drew and new on here but have been creeping around for a bit and have been working on some figure studies or body scapes, whichever you prefer. and have noticed everyone on here gives some pretty good advice. i started with just a blank white wall as my background then moved to black. these are all in underwear because its hard for me, as a student, to find friends that will do these nude, but here is my best effort. any advice you all can give will be greatly appreciated!
oh and for what I'm using, i am simply using a florescent light that you buy at home depot, since money is a set back for me.

thanks in advance

emi body 6 by drew.dover, on Flickr
emi body 7 by drew.dover, on Flickr
Kim 1 by drew.dover, on Flickr
Kim 3 by drew.dover, on Flickr


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    Excellent capture of the curves.
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