Kodak Playsport video

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Apart from the footage of the singer / guitarist (GH2) the rest of this was shot with a zx5 playsport.

My personal involvement was only the uk based bits to zx5 cam ... but even so, I have some interesting memories ... eg wandering thro local country parks, looking for suitable locations - with the zx5 mounted atop an alu series 5 Gitzo tripod*, which obviously dwarfed the cam :)

Got some odd looks from other snappers.

The start sequence also proved to be an 'interesting' challenge / learning experience for a cam without a zoom.


* less incongruous with my usual stills kit ... 1Dm3+500f4



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    I have enjoyed our ZX5 but unfortunately my fatal error prevents me from using it again. I traveled from 5000 ft elevation to 1000 ft and then took it in the water. Only went about 3 feet under but since I had not opened it up to equalize the pressure I believe it had the effect of pushing it beyond pressure limits. It got water inside and not it is a goner. Bummer. My bad.
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