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I'm currently on a Windows based PC and am considering moving to an iMac. I also use LR (an OLD version of 2.2) for my post and was holding off upgrading until I figured out where I was headed in platform choice.

How would a move from a PC to a Mac affect my LR catalogs?
Is there a conversion done for this or do the catalogs work cross-platform?
Changing platforms will also probably involve different directory structures. Can you 're-point' to the catalogs new location?

Any input would be appreciated.

BTW - I looked at the iMac 27" today with a fusion drive and expanded memory. Wow. Just wow.



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    It's fully cross platform in terms of the data. If you had your LR catalog, previews, images etc on an external drive, you could hook it up to either a Mac or Windows machine and have access to your images and database, assuming each machine had the same version of LR.
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