Lightroom Batch File Location Changes?

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Forgive such a basic question, but has anyone found a workaround for batch migrating file location in LR3? I have filled a drive and need to migrate my photography files to a larger hard drive, and LR3 won't allow me to do this as one big batch movement. Everything is stored in folders and subfolders (year/date).:scratch


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    Its easy: from the Library module, click the "+" next to Folders to create a new folder. Create it on the new hard drive. Don't worry about what you call it, since you will delete it later. Adding a folder will also add the new hard drive to your list in Folders. Now, you should have the old hard drive, with all your folders and subfolders, as well as the new hard drive, with the one temp folder. Simply drag the top level folders from the old to the new. Thats it, LR will move the files and update the catalog.

    You can then delete the empty, temp folder on the new hard drive. Simple.
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