carbon fiber Oben CT-3510,

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I'm consolidating my tripod gear (needed a bigger/heavier one for video), so I'm selling my carbon fiber photo tripod. I've had it for maybe 8 months (?) and it's still in great condition. One of the rubber feet could be replaced, but it doesn't affect anything. ($3 for a set of feet).

If you have a Pelican case 1610, this fits width-wise in it! Also straps to the outside of any bag or pack -- very light and compact.

Here's the link to the item on B+H

NOTE: Does NOT come with the ball-head. I'm keeping that :) Does include a QR plate though. So buy one, keep a spare.

So the tripod+head runs $370 right now (After rebate), minus the head which was $120... but plus the $20 plate I'm including: $270 value with rebate, $300 without.

I'll ship it U.S. for $210. Putting it on ebay Friday if no takers!
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