Lightroom and iMovie - Video Workflow help please

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Hi all,

So I've been importing videos from my D7000 into LR4 together with the stills -but pretty sure I want to edit them in iMovie not LR - just as it's more powerful.

Is anyone using a Mac, LR and iMovie and has a workflow that works for them?

I'm wondering if it even makes sense to import the video into LR at all - or if I should just import it straight into iMovie??



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    schwinbpschwinbp Registered Users Posts: 12 Big grins
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    Yeah I had the same question. Doesn't really seem like Lr buys you much. You can do some basic color corrections, but many times i want to append video to one another.
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    arodneyarodney Registered Users Posts: 2,005 Major grins
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    LR is pretty much just a place to store the movies as a DAM and you can play them and do very minor editing. I do import them just to keep track of them.
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    perronefordperroneford Registered Users Posts: 550 Major grins
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    Well I don't use iMovie, I use a lot of other video applications. But I can't see anything I'd use LR for in concerns to video. And I don't know any video shooters who use LR either. Wrong tool to be playing with video. There is an exception to this, but it's VERY specific, and would not any bearing on what you guys are doing.
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