Do you use "affordable" compact cameras?

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Hi I am having a nex-f3 interchangable lenses camera and I pocket size canon sx 220hs. I was wondering if are people using (for fun) some pocket cameras and they want to share their experience. Do you also know any guides for compact cameras?

I am trying to other day, most like an educational tool to understand the limitations of my compact and try to reach the most of what it can give.

If some have more fun and want to give suggestions I can posting the problems I have so far.



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    I have shot with Point and shoots, as well as DSLRs, for years.

    I currently use a Canon G12, a Lumix GF-1, (as well as a Lumix GH-3), and a Panasonic DMC-ZS7, and an iPhone 4. Some of these will surely qualify as "pocket cameras"

    Folk probably won't buy the GH-3 as a pocket camera, but the GF-1 certainly is.

    Amazon lists over three pages of books covering Canon cameras, some are about DSLRs, but there a large number about the various Canon point and shoots as well.

    Jeff Carlson's "Canon PowerShot G12: From Snapshots to Great Shots" is more aobout how to use a small camera, than just about the G12.

    Alexander White's "Photographer's Guide to the Canon PowerShot S95: Getting the Most from Canon's Pocketable Digital Camera" is another one that might be useful.

    Scott Kelby's "The Digital Photography Book" is abut digital photography, not about DSLRs, and might be helpful as well.

    Small cameras benefit, like big DSLRs, from good use of a good tripod, as it diminishes camera movement, and reveals the capabilities built into the len's sharpness.

    Describe your problems and folks may be able to offer suggestions that might be helpful for you.

    It can be hard to distinguish between good point and shoot images and some DSLR images with web sized images, sometimes.
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    My Mom has a Canon G-12 that goes almost everywhere with her. She likes it because she shoots RAW in manual, but it can be switched to auto if my Dad wants to use it (or if I want to grab it for a quick shot). She uses her dSLR for serious photography, but everyday and vacation gets the G12.

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    I am sharing here my photos that came from my 100 euros compact camera.
    If someone want to share some feedback would be nice

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    I have shot with Point and Shoots, Mobile Phone cameras, as well as DSLRs, for a long time.

    My main is a Nikon D5100 DSLR, but I'm quite often using a Canon Powershot 2400IS, and quite happy with the pictures from this Little Canon. Of course there's some limitations compared to a DSLR.

    I like your pictures, alaios, so please describe what you see as problems
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