Should I go to CS6?

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I currently use Lightroom 5 for processing a bunch of photos at once and Elements 10 to do some editing of individual photos. I am thinking of going to CS6, however, I was wondering if it's worth the $699.00?


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    What do you expect CS6 to have that Elements 10 does not offer?


    I use CS6, but own Elements 9. I was recently asked to do a training
    class on Elements for my camera club. In preparing for the class, I took
    a number of RAW files that I had previously edited with CS6 and edited
    them in Elements 9. I found that there was very little that I couldn't
    do in Elements that I could do in CS6.

    I lost Lab Color mode, which I use sometimes, and had to work with a
    version of Curves that's a bit different...and that's it.

    If you do go the full Photoshop route, then going "the Cloud" route. It
    would make much more sense than paying $700. It's what, $20 a month
    and drop out any time.
    Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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