interior hdr with flash

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I really appreciate the help on this site! :D

So today my question is How Do I:

Take interior HDR shots with external flash?

I have the Nikon D7100 with an SB-700 flash. I set it to bracket using exposure AND flash. I expose my 9 shots -4 to +4 (thanks for the help with that, it worked perfectly without the flash btw.) It seems the external flash wants to correct anyway. It says in the info afterwards that its -4, -3... etc but the flash has tried to equalize it in some shots. I'm doing single shots and giving the flash time to recharge. :dunno


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    Well, the flash problem is easily solved by switching the flash to manual mode so that the output remains constant regardless of your exposure. Using flash with hdr is a bit strange as they are competing strategies for balancing light. I think you should go with one or the other.
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    Adding external lighting ( flash ) is one way of moderating lighting contrasts so that they can fit within the contrast limits of the sensor ( or film ).

    Like kdog said, the flash can be set to manual mode to control the flash light output, but if you are adding flash, why not just avoid hdr then?
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