Mini challenge #169 WINNERS

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The top photos, well my picks in no real order .I feel that 3 shots are winners this round but only one can win .

on my second go round I added

shooting star The leopard :thumb

kentwaller This is really nice I have looked at a lot of koi shots and did more than a few --yours stands out

travelways I think this is a green iguana ,this also stands out a very good capture :ivar


jwear well all 3 shots I liked good captures and a look you do not see but the duck shot [heart] good eye well done

earache your otter was the funny winner another great capture

kscooper your pelican is a great shot good in all areas :thumb


and now what do I do really 4 winners

alans grin all your shots also very good but the one I really liked the lions , all could make the finals but this one was special :clap


brody a great shot again should be the winner

billseye This one I looked at again and again it is also a great capture

puzzlepaul the dove = great color ,capture ,a feeling ,the eye . I choose this one for one reason as many times as I looked over the shots I always took a second look :thumb

the lion the tiger and the deer were my picks as well as each had a vote from the ones I gave an ear too but I had to pick a winner


I thanks everyone for playing and shooting star I am sorry but the leopard shot did not show and I am too dumb to edit and add ?? But again all 4 at the end could have bin the winner but it was my job to pick one and I always finish my work :D looking forward to playing again and not judging :rofl :thumb


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    Many good pics in this round for what (imo) was a quite difficult sub-plot ... showing a bit of anthropomorphism in a w/l pic ... so thanks, C2H for picking mine.
    I got lucky with the pigeon shot - taken a couple of Xmas's ago at a park in London during a family visit - snow on ground, lens poked thro' railings @ ground level.
    The male'd been trying to 'chat up' the female for a while, her having none of it ... and then this scene ... lucky that they were facing cam, clean bg and fg ... and no others in frame.

    Reminded me of my own failed attempts of similar many decades ago :)

    Well done to all ... and I'll do a bit of digit extraction and try to come up with a new theme soonest.

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    Well done to all ... and I'll do a bit of digit extraction and try to come up with a new theme soonest.


    Echos from here!. Of the chosen, I liked the pigeons in #1 and tigers #2. They showed great examples of the "emotions" theme. Kudos. I'm looking forward to the next round.
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