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This video covers all the basis in setting up your new SmugMug website.

We are constantly updating our help pages, so please start there

If you do not find the answer in the help pages, please search the forum

If you still don't find the answers you seek, please ask away!

As the great Andy Williams said in his "Welcome to the SmugMug Support Forum" Post....

We're here to help. Dgrin is a community forum and you might find that help is given by loyal and knowledgeable customers as well as SmugMug folk. If you need help really really fast, please write our Support Heroes we're standing by 365 days a year.

MacroMeister put together this great list of helpful sites:
Customisation related links

I thought these links might be useful for anyone setting up a new site, and/or using the new Smug. If you have others, please post them and I'll slot them here in post #1.


SmugMug School

Smug Help Center

Smug official blog


Colour picker tool Useful to get a specific color.

Colour Scheme Designer
Great tool to give you complementary colours and much more. Smug thread

Color Zilla for Firefox/Chrome Great add-on for checking any color on any website - including yours.

Customisation code - Smugocity Excellent resource for CSS code mods.

Customisation code - Sherlock Photography Excellent resource for CSS code mods.

Design principles Things to consider when designing your site.

Fonts - Google fonts in Photoshop Related Smug thread


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