RFC: To close fullscreen (light box) with mouse click on image, instead of X-button

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edited August 9, 2013 in SmugMug Feature Requests
Hi Smugmug!

As a smugger, I want to be able to config the fullscreen (light box) so that my visitors can close fullscreen by clicking the image instead of the X-button. To make the user experience much better for my visitors.

Now the users must find and click the X-button and it feels like a bug now when you dont see the X, especially when the responsive design is in "mobile" mode.
Suggestion is to add more config possibilities to the lightbox itself. Im sure lots of other config would be nice to have, such as transitions etc between images like when in slideshow mode.

Many thanks// Edsh :D


  • paulbrockpaulbrock Major grins Registered Users Posts: 515 Major grins
    edited August 4, 2013
    definitely! Much nicer for navigating.
  • pbandjpbandj Major grins Registered Users Posts: 237 Major grins
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    Smugmug has set up a new section of the forum specifically for feature requests, so you should log those over there:


    Obviously the customization forum is the way to go if you're looking to see if someone has found a customizable workaround for your problem, but if you're pretty the feature is missing from New Smugmug, then logging it in feature requests is more likely to get attention from the Smugmug folks.
  • edshedsh Big grins Registered Users Posts: 27 Big grins
    edited August 9, 2013
    And kind of nice that they did NOT move this item then like others *sigh* :(
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