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With a couple hours of tweaking, I have unveiled my new site ( I am not a pro - most of what is hosted here is unlisted family stuff - but I do sell some prints whose profits I then donate to charities. (I have few if any people come just to browse - they are always looking for a particular gallery - so very few items are shown publicly)

I mostly have it matching what I had before, but have one customization I can't figure out. I am using the "Isis" theme, and I want my links (BROWSE, ABOUT, and CONTACT) to go under my header logo, rather that next to it. Additionally, from my old site, I have graphical versions of these links that match my logo's font/style that I would like to use instead of the text links (although having the text as ALT text would be good). Current is on top; quick SnagIt mockup of desired is on bottom (I would change "Galleries" to "Browse" to match new nomenclature).

So two questions:
1) Is it possible to move the links under the logo? Would I need to change to a new theme?
2) Is it possible to have graphical images for the links instead of text?

Thanks! --Erik

(thoughts on the redesign - pretty darn good. I had to Unveil before I was ready due to the current inability to see the logged-out view in Preview, but that's not too bad. Want randomized slideshow.)
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