change font on profile?

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here we go....trying out 1st a photo added in on the homepage profile but where do I choose a font I like - I can change the words but it will not let me change the font....I want that font different from the rest....... thanks

also the social icon are butted right up to the end of my name can they be moved over?
Thank You!



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    There are two font settings, one for heading and one for body. They are located in the theme settings. To get there, go to Customize >> Customize Site >> Click on Theme tab (next to Content) >> Click on wrench for the active theme >> scroll down in the settings window to see the two font settings

    Hope that helps. I'm sure there is probably some CSS to control fonts as well, but I don't know much about that. Also, I'm not sure about the social icons. Which theme is it? When I tried the Facebook icon on my theme, it seemed to be spaced appropriately.
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