Does the smugmug search tool scan guest comments?

gfiebichgfiebich Registered Users Posts: 9 Beginner grinner
edited August 20, 2004 in SmugMug Support
In my testing, I haven't gotten the smugmug search tool to return results from keywords that appear in my gallery's comments. Keywords placed in photo captions do appear in the search results, but there seems to be a delay of about 2-5 minutes before the captions are indexed by the smugmug database. Am I just being impatient with the comments indexing, or does the search tool ignore comments?

This is important to me because I would like to invite my race participants to self-identify their photos by placing their bib numbers in the comments field. Our event results system links each person's finish time directly to the smugmug search tool with their bib number in the URL string. If you're not following me, go here and click on the little camera icon next to the first result.
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