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I would like to start a new thread for the community. I have been reading some posts and understand the frustration we are all feeling. I would like for Smugmug's product development team to know that while we wait for JS, here are a couple of things I would like to see come out as tools for us.

-A calendar so we can schedule sessions, and allow potential clients to book appointments.

-Client login system, where we can create username and password to access the gallery, so our galleries aren't exposed to other clients (current system just looks unprofessional).

I am very grateful for where SM has come as far as allowing us to have a better website and better galleries. But I also need to allow my clients to have an Amazing experience when they come to my site, and I am sure many of you will agree.

Baldy, Don, and the rest of the team. Please help us with this. These are just a few of the things that will really make SM better than your competitors, and make us very happy clients. After all aren't we all in the business of making clients happy!


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    I will enthusiastically second your request for a client login option, and add that it should also be connected with the "Events" feature, so that a client who logs in can be automatically directed to their event, see the favorites that they marked previously, and add more favorites. The system of requiring people to keep a long/complicated link that is emailed to them in order to access their personalized galleries and favorites is terrible, and should be easy to replace with a normal client login function.

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