How to get Google fonts for Photoshop

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The fonts on the new Smug seem to be Google fonts. They seem to be quite different to the fonts in Word and Photoshop. I just discovered you can get a plug-in for Photoshop that will link to and be able to download the Google fonts into Photoshop to be used with the text tool. The download link and instructions are here (it's free)

What use is that? Well, you can add text to a background image in the same font that you use on your new Smug site. I just changed mine for my homepage - the 'using light' wording is now in the same font that I use on my site

Even more useful would be to add text to your images (titles etc) before uploading (yes even I do that sometimes) and it can be in a matching font with your site. One has to think of the aesthetics of design layout :rolleyes

It's easy to install. I did it on Photoshop CC, and you don't have to alter any of your Photoshop files - it automatically installs the plugin to your plugin folder under Adobe.

You need to create an account as per the instructions. But when you run the routine under Photoshop you need to load suitcase program and login. If the program isn't on your taskbar just do a search in the start bar for suitcase and pin it to the taskbar or desktop and login using the account name/password that you set up on line.
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