CSS to make padding in Landscape Organic Xpx?

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Oh Great Gurus,

What's the css to make the padding or margin between photos here

be (x)px (say, 1 or 2), vs what it is by default?

Thanks in advance.......


PS I tried firebug and webdev, but I'm not as good as you!


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    thenickdudethenickdude Registered Users Posts: 1,302 Major grins
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    As far as I'm aware, you cannot shrink the margins. That's because the Landscape Organic layout engine will set the widths of the images to fill the rows based on the margins it is configured for in JavaScript code, which is fixed at 12 pixels (we currently have no settings available for Landscape Organic inside galleries to tune this, unlike when we use Multiple Photos blocks). You might want to give the dev team a nudge and see if they have this planned already...

    You could increase the margins, but you would have to crop the images to do it.
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    Andy, this is off topic, but I can save any of those images by right clicking them. Not sure if you wanted them unprotected.
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