can ui use forms?

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i use to use "forms" for my contact page on my site...i know the new smugmug has a contact page you can use but its not as comprehenzive as my old one. could forms still be used and if so how? also, why does my new navbar have things like (private) in parentheses next to the buttons?


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    For forms, they are promising that wufoo( form integration will be available 'soon' (which I interpret as in the next few days). If yo want to use a form from another provider, like EMF Contact Form, you may be out of luck. Right now, I've mocked up a page on another site to act as my form holder i.e.

    A PITA, but the only alternative if you don't want to use Wufoo and don't want to use their (poor) default contact option.

    As for the navbar, I've not seen the private label, but I would imagine that indicates that the gallery its pointing to is currently not viewable by the public, so visitors to your site won't see the button.
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