How to replace thumbnails for videos in new SmugMug

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How to replace thumbnails for videos in new SmugMug

Replacing the default frame grab (1st frame) with an image of your choosing is harder than in the old SmugMug but thank goodness it is possible. You have to select the video clip in the gallery - this is easiest if the gallery style is set to Smugmug since it involves less page refreshes. Below the large video window is a small spanner icon - this is the tools icon.

Single click this and a pop gives you four options including Edit >

Hover over this and a new pop-up appears and the top two options are
Photo Details [doesn't recognise this is a video clip]
Replace Video Preview Image [does recognise this is a video clip!]

Click on the Replace Video and it takes you to the old dialog box for uploading a still image.

Note that if you have already entered a Title for your clip in the Photo Details dialog this will be deleted when you add a new preview image. So change the image first and then the title of the clip.

Also remember that the image has to be the same size as the video, so if the video is 1920x1080, the still image has to be the same.

Hope this helps.

Scott Thomas
London Photography And Video
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