Multiple Recent Photos Pages by Folders/Gallery

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edited August 19, 2013 in SmugMug Feature Requests
It seems to me the recent photos (and latest galleries) selection does not take full advantage of the features of the new SM. Specifically the powerful multi-level folders and the ease in which you can set up secondary links in the navigation bar. I would like to be able to select the source of the recent photos by folder(s) and gallery(s).

What I would like to do is set up multiple pages of recent photos. Each page would select from a different folder or combination of folders (or galleries). I would then set up the Recent browser button with multiple links to the various pages.


___All (all photos. Same as it exists now)
___Topic1 (selected folder(s) or gallery(s))
___Topic2 (selected folder(s) or gallery(s) different than for Topic 1)
___Topic3 etc.

This would allow visitors to check for recent photos that interest them. It would also be useful for businesses as they could target client folders as the source.



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