New "Discard Changes" Option In Customizer

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edited August 30, 2013 in SmugMug Product News
Hi All,

We have just added an option to discard all of your current customization changes while in the customizer.

After making changes in the customizer, when you click "Done" you are now given three options

"Publish Now"
"Save For Later"
"Discard Changes"

If you click "Publish Now", obviously, any changes you have made in the current customization session are published live.

If you click "Save For Later", your customization edits from your session will be saved, but not published live to your site, but ready to publish down the road when you are ready.

Once you click either of the above options, there is no way to revert the customization changes you have made up to this point.

But the new third option of "Discard Changes" will remove all changes you have made in the customizer since you last clicked either "Publish" or "Save for Later". If you have clicked "Save For Later" since your last publish, your customization will revert back to that state. If you have not clicked "Save For Later" since your last Publish, the "Discard Changes" will match your customization look to your current published state.

Hope this makes sense, and please let me know if you have any questions.



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