How to subscribe to a thread without posting in it

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Is there a way to subscribe to a thread without posting in it? I actually don't even know if I'm asking this correctly, because I don't technically know what "subscribe" means for sure. In other words, I don't need emails about the thread. I just want it to show up under the icon beside my name. (the words "Welcome, WinsomeWorks.".. to the right of that is an icon I click if I want to read threads I've posted in... I call that my "Subscribed Threads" but there's actually no description of the icon on hover, so I don't know if that's what it officially is called, or if that's the description of subscribing.) Anyway, sometimes I don't want to post in a thread but simply want to follow it easily & see when new posts are added. How do I do that? Thanks. Here for years and still don't know.
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    Easy! Thread Tools (below your User Name) > Subscribe to this Thread.
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