Lens Rentals offers Magic Lantern enabled Canon 5D MKIII

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LensRentals now offers the "Canon EOS 5D Mark III Magic Lantern RAW Hack Kit".


"This camera’s firmware has been altered to shoot RAW video. It will still function normally otherwise, but we’re renting it as a RAW-hacked camera. Have any questions? Start here
The Canon EOS 5D Mark III Magic Lantern RAW Hack Kit includes everything you’ll need to get started shooting RAW video with the Canon 5D III. Key features include:

  • RAW Hack Firmware. Dated-2013.Aug.6.
  • Expanded Video Features. Magic Lantern gets you the most out of your camera by unlocking professional features like peaking / zebra filters, superb audio controls, and even a built-in intervalometer for making time lapses.
  • Requirements. Recording RAW video requires incredibly fast CompactFlash cards. Lexar 128GB 1000x cards are currently the only cards we carry fast enough for RAW recording. This kit includes one of the Lexar cards, but more can be rented here.

At $173.00 for 4 days rental, plus shipping, this is a very inexpensive way to see if the latest Magic Lantern firmware overlay can help with your projects, both video and still image acquisition.

Kudos to Lens Rentals and I hope to see other rental houses offering similar. :thumb:thumb:barb
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