Cactus V5 Flash Triggers, Vivitar 285HV, Sekonic L-358, and more

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Here is the deal, I bought this stuff with the intent of dabbling in some indoor studio type stuff. I'm sad to say that I haven't used any of it with the exception of setting it up and playing with it to see how it works. Aside from that it has all been sitting around collecting dust and it is time to get it out of the way.

Cactus V5 Flash Triggers - Have two sets of two and a single. The sets of two I will let go for $50 each set and the single for $25 with shipping included to CONUS.


Vivitar 285HV - I have two of these that include the flash trigger cable for $70 each or $120 for the pair with shipping included to CONUS


Sunpak 4000AF - I used this flash (has velcro on the head for diffuser) with an old film camera and it would not work on my 1D, I'll take $30 for it shipped CONUS.


Sekonic L-358 - A like new meter that has not been used hardly at all. Missing the extra ring thingy though. $200 shipped CONUS


3 in 1 Backdrop - Same as the rest of the stuff here, hardly used at all. Comes with storage bag $100 and you pay shipping costs.


Umbrella with Tripod Adapter - Have two of these for $15 each shipped CONUS


I feel like I have good prices on all of these items but if you happen to want all of it in a package deal then you can have it all for $500 and I'll pay the shipping CONUS.
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