Colorado at 14,000 ft

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I took the bike up to Mount Evans yesterday for some hiking and photography. At 14,264 ft, the air is a little thin, there is 60% less oxygen in your lungs at this elevation compared to sea level.

You can't beat the views though.

2-Sept-2013-1 by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

2-Sept-2013-2 by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

This is Summit Lake, elevation 12,830 ft.

2-Sept-2013-3 by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

Chicago Lakes Trail, around 13,000 ft.

Chicago-Lakes-Trail by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

It was storming on and off all day. Temperatures were in the 50's, which was pretty nice compared to the high 90's down lower.

In this shot, you can see South Park Basin in the far distance.

Mout-Evans-Lookin-West by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

Up this high, there are only a few species of wildlife. Marmots, pika, big horn sheep, and mountain goats are common. Elk can be found here, but usually stay around the 12,000 ft level as there is more grazing there.

I seen a few bighorns off in the distance and pika were everywhere. I took off my 14mm lens and put on my 300mm lens for a few shots of the mountain goats.

Mountain-Goat-at-13,000-ft by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

Here's a kid, he(she?) was mewing for its mama.

Mountain-Goat-Kid by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

Here a nanny uses her kid for a pillow. They have it pretty easy in the summer.

Nanny-and-Kid by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

This guy was looking over the herd.

Mountain-Goat-on-Watch by Colorado CJ, on Flickr


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    very nice photos, must say i love the last one a lot!
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    CO is an amazing place and there's nothing, nothing like sitting on top and watching life go round.
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    Really like the last shot of the mountain sheep. He looks very proud and pleased with himself.
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    An amazing set. I love them all. I would have to pick Summit Lake and "nanny uses her kid as a pillow" as my top two. You had an incredible sky this day! Thanks for sharing!
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