Smugmug XBMC Addon - help with SSL connection

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I'm working on a Smugmug addon for XBMC.
I got everything working besides the oauth login. I want to let the user enter his mail and password in XBMC and send it to smugmug to authorize my application.

I try to call the method rpc.user.login on
with post data like this:

I would expect a result like this:
{"stat":"ok", "method":"rps.user.login","Homepage":"","Domain":"","SessionID":"foo","Key":"bar"}

But instead I get the following error message:
{"stat":"fail","method":"rpc.user.login","code":2,"message":"SSL required"}

I don't understand the error message. If it is an SSL handshake error, why do I get a message from the smugmug API? In that case I would expect a SSL Handshake Exception or something like that.
I imported the smugmug certificate and the Comodo root certificate but it didn't change anything.

I'm new to Python programming, can anyone help?



  • ScottInAustinScottInAustin Big grins Registered Users Posts: 12 Big grins
    edited October 17, 2014
    Hi Andreas! The post is a year old but I thought I would ask if you got anywhere with this. I need a XMBC plugin for smugmug.

    I'll build it myself if nothing out there but thought I would check.

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