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Hello to fellow Degrinner friends!

It’s been a while, but I’m as active as ever regarding taking great pictures, but way behind in posting to my site.

I need recommendations for the right book on Photoshop CS6. Mostly I want it for it’s content aware pixel-level ability to eliminate distractions. Most everything else is handled in LR5. Secondly, although I have other tools, I want to try it for HDR processing, and panorama stitching. I have the raw image material, so the need is now.

I've tried the video route for learning (Lynda.com), but I don't have the patience - usually it's telling me something I already know, it's explaining something complicated too fast and I need to take notes. Books work better: I can highlight, etc. , and mark the page for easy return for a brush-up.

I'm not fond of Scott Kirby's style. Too hard to wade through the jokes and blah blah to get to the meat. But I do like Matt Kloskowski's way of presenting things.

Both Nat Coalson and Victoria Brampton have written great Lightroom books (the latter is on LR5). Clear and question/answer friendly style. Useable as a reference, and a quick tutorial as needed. That’s what I need for CS6 Photoshop.

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Or just point me to where someone else has already covered this.




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    henrytd wrote: »
    I'm not fond of Scott Kirby's style.

    Kelby? Yup, me too. I'd recommend you look at Martin Evening's book. Pretty through and the guy really is a photographer, not a business person who plays one on TV <g>.
    Andrew Rodney
    Author "Color Management for Photographers"
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    arodney wrote: »
    Kelby? Yup, me too. I'd recommend you look at Martin Evening's book. Pretty through and the guy really is a photographer, not a business person who plays one on TV <g>.

    Thanks so much for your suggestion. I hesitated for a bit because of some comments to the effect that Evening sometimes is a bit verbose, but I’ll take a thorough explanation of something any day over a quick answer that may be faster to read, but doesn’t really tell you everything you might want to know.

    I not only got Martin Evening’s book on CS6, but also his newer book on LR5. I’m guessing that the two will work well together. And that’s important, since I mostly work in LR5.

    I also got the Kindle versions, since having the books with me when I travel is a big plus. He uses a large format, so he can include detailed screen shots, which is fine on a MacBook (17”) but also manageable on my iPad Mini, since it’s so easy to move an image around, and spread it to a larger size.

    One of my next projects is to incorporate Facial Recognition into my work flow. As has probably been discussed on this forum, Jeffrey Friedl has written a plug-in for LR to integrate Picasa’s abilities in this area. It’s located at http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/picasa-face-import

    I believe it gets put into the Metadata of the images (anyone know which field? Keywords, probably). The danger is that to do that involves letting Picasa alter the original image file. Supposedly you protect against that by making all the images read-only. But then how does the data get added? This is off-topic, so maybe I’ll search Dgrin for what may have already been said about this, and if it’s not covered, start another thread.

    Thanks again,

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    Check out The Missing Manual for Photoshop CS6. No fluff, no jokes, just easy look up of all the features.

    List is $49.99, Amazon has them for $26.00 +
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    Adobe photoshop cs6 for dig photographers
    Pro.portrait retouching scott kelby
    NAPP membership is key....
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