old, heavy, bombproof tripod (So Cal)

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Counter to the current trend of super light weight carbon fiber tripods, I'm looking for an old heavy duty tripod. I want something that I can haul around in a truck while doing my day job, and pull out at night while car-camping, for sunsets, astro-photography, startrails, and sunrises. Ugly old beaters are good, as long as they are still compatible with standard tripod heads. I'm looking for something that can deal with high winds, nosy coyotes, and sand and gravel footing. (I think I need to clarify, I do have a home-made padded bag I keep my tripod in, it's not just rolling around in the truck, I just meant that I don't need a lightweight tripod to strap onto a backpack and carry around all day)

I've been looking in thrift stores and craigslist, but around here mostly what I find are abandoned lightweight free-with purchase, multipurpose, or high end video type tripods.

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    Are you still looking? I may have a set of legs for you. Let me know and I will get you the model number.
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    thanks trikster, I didn't mean to abandon this thread, but things came up and gear got boxed away for a while. Another member PM'd me some info, and I picked up a tripod that should work for me. Now to unbox everything and give it a try.
    Yeah, if you recognize the avatar, new user name.
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