Choosing the right frame color

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I have looked around and found alot peole asking for advice on how to choose the best frame color for photos. I have been searching around because I have a nice B&W wedding day photo I would like to frame but my house is a older home w/ wood trimming. Right now the room I would like to hang it in is my spare living room which acts as my makeshift studio. White walls, wood floor and window trimming. Brick fire place has a thin wood mantle also. I was under the assumption B&W photos go in a B&W frame. Aslong as I keep my wood framed color photos in my main living room w/ all my bown furniture I think it might work. Plan is to keep my empty space (which is the main space you walk in) all consistant fames w/ B&W family photos and having all the color images in the main social area where the brown is more accented. Would like to hear from you guys on your process on selecting frames for certain photos taking in consideration environment or is the environment not even as important as accenting the actual photo.
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