Winners of #173 funny ?

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I thank all of you for playing and I wish I had more time to post the pics with my picks but I am under the gun

Well here are my picks-- If PP would have posted his shots and not a link the last one was going to be my choice for #1 but I do think you should take the time and post the shot not just a link to see. That said here is the second place shots ,I liked all of these and I had to pick just one so everyone else is in second .I was going to say #2 but the humor thread is now over .

Jeromy Dam kids (yep)

Tatiana Tourists (a good pick)

Alan Canon camera (close)

Roger Sniff (a really good capture)

Claire No kidding ( a bit rough very funny ]

and the winner is with his classic shot wipe the screen clean Alan the last one on the roll

Jeff W



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    No worries,Jeff - anyway,glad you liked the pics ... and congrats to Alan - seems you're on a roll, hey? :)

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    Congrats Alan. As they say..a job is never finished till the paperwork is done! Looks like you came up a little short there eh?
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    Many thanks Jeff.

    I'm currently on a bit of a tour for the next 4 weeks. Aus at the mo, Bangkok behind me and NZ and Singapore to come. I need to look at my schedule as well as think up a theme. So bear with me and I'll post a new mini soon.

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