My first shoot with a "model" PG13

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A former bride, who is graduating from cosmetology school called and asked if I would take some pictures for her final project. I've never worked with a model or someone who is modeling, most of my experience is in a studio portrait or wedding setting. She had a theme in mind and it was "pinup" whatever that means now days, and some examples of poses she'd like to try. I really enjoyed the experience, it wasn't nearly as "weird" as I always imagined it to be.






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    Jason... thought I'd mention that you can post these in the regular People forum. They're a little on the risqué side but that's not an issue. As long as they aren't showing any naughty bits, it's all good in the hood.

    You will get more replies in the People forum. That's why I mention it.
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    1 and 4 are wonderful.
    In #2 the bubbles wouldn't look so much like an intentional cover up if there were still plenty left in the tub.
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