Cannot create quick setting with "private" privacy, reverts to Unlisted

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Steps to reproduce:

1. Start with a public gallery.
2. On the Security & Privacy tab of the gallery settings, set the Privacy to Private.
3. On the Quick Settings tab, enter a name like "test" to "save as quick setting"
4. Click Save
5. Observe that a "private" banner appears at the top of the page, and the gallery settings correctly show that the gallery is Private.
6. Reenter the gallery settings, go to the Quick Settings tab, and select the quick setting from the dropdown you saved in step #3
7. Observe that underneath the dropdown appears "Privacy: Unlisted", even though you had selected Private previously - BUG
8. Click save, observe that the gallery has now become Unlisted, even though your quick setting was for Private - BUG

Now, in Lightroom with SmugMug plugin 2.0.5, create a new gallery which uses this Quick Setting. Notice that the Lightroom UI describes the gallery as being Unlisted - BUG. Go to SmugMug, notice that the gallery displays as Unlisted. Now LOG OUT on SmugMug, notice that even though the gallery is Unlisted, it still appears in gallery blocks to unauthenticated users - BUG.


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    G'day Nick,

    Thanks for the details.

    Quick settings don't currently support the new privacy options as you have observed, so when you save the quick setting..it's gets saved with "Unlisted".

    The issue with creation of galleries has been resolved, at least for newly created galleries. Another sorcerer will be looking into the existing albums.


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    Just had this issue come up today and only found two posts related to the issue and couldn't tell if it ever got resolved or if it was no longer on the todo list. If the quick settings aren't going to be able to save privacy settings can someone update the help section here? http://help.smugmug.com/customer/en/portal/articles/723826-can-i-save-gallery-settings-as-a-template-?b_id=1644

    This sentence "Quick Settings do not include passwords, gallery title, description, meta keywords, custom URL, feature image, or guest uploading" should include something to notate that private only me will revert to unlisted.

    Note, I also posted in the only other thread I could find on the topic - http://dgrin.com/showthread.php?p=2043071#post2043071
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    Hi John,

    That is correct - quick setting cannot set a gallery to Private. If you have a quick setting with the Private setting, it will revert to unlisted. I will be sure to get our help writers to edit the help page on that one to reflect this.

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