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OK I have a question. I tried an experiment just for the hell of it. Instead of buying Gary Fongs collapsable snoot I decided to paint the photojournalist II flat black and use the grid on that.
On his web site he says Indoors ISO 200, f11 @250/sec. Outdoors ISO 100, f11 @ 1/250 sec.
I ordered the chrome snoot and tried this indoors (flash on camera) and the background is not black. The lens is a 35-105. Any suggestions? Probably too close, but the GF video is about the same length away.

Your opinions are always helpful


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    I moved this to the Technique forum, since you seem to be asking a question about using a snoot (with grid).

    Please give us some more information about what you have setup, how it's being used and what it's doing that you wish to improve.

    A "pullback" image would be helpful, as well as an image (with full EXIF) demonstrating the problem.

    For instance, from your description of the problem, "I ... tried this indoors (flash on camera) and the background is not black." I can't tell if you are getting a gray/grey background or a colored background.

    The more you elaborate upon your problem and what you hope to achieve, the better we can help to find a solution. thumb.gif
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