Bunch of lighting equipment...

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This studio system is fully functional, but I've taken ~1500+ shots with it over the 6 years I've owned it... so the bulbs should be replaced. 3 of the 4 modeling light are burned out and need to be replaced. I only used 3 lights in my studio and saved the 4th as a backup. I only have 3 of the lights in the shots, the 4th will be included in the sale, once I pull it off the ceiling. :D

The hand written label on the control unit can be explained by this 2007 post: http://www.dgrin.com/showpost.php?p=669164&postcount=2

Included in this sale:

- 1 800ws Photogenic EP378 control unit
- 4 flash heads w/cords (1 flash head is missing the glass protector for the bulbs)
- 3 quad (4 point) Smith Victor 401420 S9 stands, w/adjustable arms
- 3 Westcott 30" umbrellas (these are shoot thru or reflective, the black cover is removable)
- some misc additional extension arms that orig came with the stands






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    Additional gear... Asking price is listed, this does not include shipping.

    - 3 lighting tripods, 2 reach up ~7' and the 3rd is intended for floor use. (I suspect the short pod to be a Norman, but the label is missing ne_nau.gif)



    Also have a few extra extension arms. If someone wants all the tripods as a package, I'll throw them in @ no cost.


    2 umbrellas, both are shoot thru or reflective... one is generic (40", no name found), the other states "The Eclipse" (30") on it...

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    Bump... still looking for a good home for this gear.
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    S o l d !
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