SmugMug + Aperture = Mac Happy Uploading

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Read this post on our blog

With Apple’s latest announcements, we’re stoked to announce that Aperture and SmugMug have finally joined forces!

Yes, that’s right: You can now connect and sync your SmugMug account with your account in Aperture and easily browse, upload, download and organize all from one app.


Getting Synced With SmugMug

When you open up the new Aperture, first open up the File > Preferences and click on the “Accounts” tab. Hit the little + symbol to open up the available services dialog:


Once added, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your SmugMug account and authorize the connection. Remember that if you change your mind, you can visit your SmugMug Account Settings > Privacy and revoke permission of any previously authorized accounts.

Now you should see all of your SmugMug galleries in the Viewer on the right. You’ll still see your account listed in the Source List on the left, along with any of your local files and projects.

From here, you can:

Manage your gallery settings for any gallery on your site
Create new galleries on your SmugMug site
Upload photos to new or existing SmugMug galleries


What we love: Aperture will sync down all of your SmugMug images even if they didn’t previously exist in your Aperture library. Best of all, images shared from Aperture stay synced, so if you share an image to SmugMug and then make further edits to it in Aperture, those edits will sync up to SmugMug without having to re-Share (upload) the image.

Take a look at our brand-new Aperture help page that has more info about where to find all the important bits and pieces.

We hope that all of your Mac-loving SmugMuggers find it easier than ever to edit and upload the photos you take every day and get them seen by the ones who matter most.

P.S. SmugMug has long been a part of Adobe Lightroom, and we’ve gotten a lot of requests from customers to be included in iPhoto, too. If you agree and want to see SmugMug in iPhoto, please leave feedback at Apple and tell them why! We’d love to see SmugMuggers everywhere uploading and managing their photos from everywhere that counts.


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    Version name => title
    I really like this, my only "problem" is that it seems that the version name is used for setting the title on smugmug. Since I never use the version name for a title in Aperture (or anywhere else) I would like to use the headline or title field, does anyone know if this is possible somehow?
    Jan Erik Moström
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    mbonocore wrote: »
    Read this post on our blog

    With Apple’s latest announcements, we’re stoked to announce that Aperture and SmugMug have finally joined forces!

    Really like this! This thread never got much attention, but I wanted you to know there are some of us out here who really appreciate this feature.

    Chooka chooka hoo la ley
    Looka looka koo la ley
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    If I enable this does it mean 40 gigabytes of images will be downloaded into my Aperture library? Is there a way to select which galleries to synch or which images to synch?
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    Just A heads Up If you don’t have/use "Photo titles"
    When I Used Aperture to sync with SM (lucky only 2 galleries) the file name was put into the “Photo Title” ,it also reverted the Gallery style back to Smugmug from what It had been. I do like this Aperture - Smugmug feature but not if it makes more work for me, more options needed to stop this.

    Have a Great Day
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    I like that photos stored in their original galleries in SM are synced with the original RAW files in Aperture. But photos that appear several places in smart galleries are just downloaded to Aperture as JPEG copies. Many large smart albums will result in lots of extra JPEG files in Aperture. I wish Aperture could recognize these images and sync with the RAW files here too, without the need for any extra copies.
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