Deleting collections to delete from disk

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Well I created a collection set of 2 series and then went in and edited each series...and I also rejected many from each series..

I forgot that you can CMD-backspace and delete from disk BEFORE they are put in a collection.

since they are all key worded can I go in and delete the collections, bring up the images through KEYWORDS, CMD-backspace to delete rejected and then re-populate the collections?

This won't affect the edits ( of course not) on each image only the containers ( collections ) that they were in




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    I would say yes. The keywords should allow you to search for them. Although Collections are nothing more than tiny database info, that's stored above and beyond the picture data. You could also consider creating a Smart Collection where its based upon keywords, so that the collection automatically grows and shrinks as you tag photos.
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    Skip Dumb Collections! Poor way to organize long term, proprietary only in LR. Smart collections as said make far more sense! They are based on image specific metadata and you can move to another DAM and rebuild them easily in another DAM. Smart Collections once built grow as the new images are found that match the criteria. A few dumb collections for finding say images that will change and not be stored this way is OK but don't depend on dumb collections. For that task, I think color labels work as well. The collections (smart or otherwise) do not affect the edits. They only locate images for you hence the reason to rethink dumb collections.
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