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Has anyone had a metallic print done of one of their images? I have a client asking about it for http://www.photosbykathie.com/Landscapes/Landscapes/17968592_NLZHtF#!i=1380981415&k=Q8dm8vB&lb=1&s=A but I can't say how it would turn out as I've never had one done.


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    I've had a number of images printed on Metalic. Certain colors pop more - golds, bronzes, oranges, etc. Other colors, not so much. But, if you put said print behind cheap glass found in standard frames you pretty much lose 95% of the visual affect unless you're right on top of the image. Even without it - the visual affect works better up close. An 8x10 from 8 feet away you won't really see much of a difference between the metallic and lustre.
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    I've just started using metal prints and they are great. In my somewhat limited experience with them they seem to do really well with images with a fair amount of contrast. This image doesn't have a lot of contrast but I still think it has promise. You can order proofs beforehand as well.

    I'm using them on this current project and absolutely love them...

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    I only do Metallic prints. I order direct throuth Bay Photo.... what I have found out over the last couple years is that while Metal Prints are great and really do deliver more pop.... the reflectivity is distracting... which is why I order direct through Bay Photo. If you download the Bay ROES adobe software you can put your print in and look at the sizes and see the options (with frames/without...etc).

    My main suggestions - order your print with Sheer-Matte finish. I use this for all my metal prints... you still get the beauty of the metal, and the luminescence.... but not the reflections of the standard metal print... you won't see yourself in the print at all, which is nice.

    On Bay Roes - you can order a sample of your print... the sample comes in 5x7 size and 4 different prints of your image (one with each type of coating) so that you can see what works best with your photo. I highly suggest spending the $35 (I think it is that still) to see these on the samples and you'll see what I mean about the reflections. If the glossy print is in a room where daylight may hit it, you'll blind your customer.... but with the Sheer-Matte finish, that won't be an issue.

    I have also found that if I print an image on metallic paper in a larger size (16x20 or larger), i'm spending about $20 on the print to have it shipped to me... add about $20 for a custom cut mat and an additional $35-50 for a frame at the craft stores... you are looking at anywhere from $65-100 just to get my print framed and ready to sell..... you can get a frameless metal print, ready to hang out of the box for the same or a little less..... so it's not that bad comparitively.

    Good luck
    Lee Wiren
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    I think you're asking about "metallic" paper prints, but some seem to think you're asking about prints on rigid metal...?

    I've tried both. Metallic paper prints shimmer, and colors really pop. I think the nice image you asked about would work well on metallic paper. However I agree that 95% of the effect goes away when you put it behind glass, so maybe you can frame it without glass somehow. Metallic paper is not good for pictures of people, it's unnatural.

    I've had one image done on metal and the same image done on Lustre paper. The paper was way better for color and sharpness. Maybe things have changed since then (3 years ago), but I am not inclined to bother with it again. I think it's more about the thin frameless floating presentation than it is about the actual content.

    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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    I had one of my own done and it's great! It hangs in my office.

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