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I've got two camera bags that I no longer use and have been sitting in the closet taking up space. Now is your opportunity to have these great camera bags.

The first one is a Quantaray. I do not know the model but it will hold a D90 with the kit lens tightly. There is a small pocket in the front under the flap that will hold extra batteries, filters and a few other small items. The inside has a small pocket on the top flap that is good for a small remote and cleaning cloths. It shows some wear as I have used it with several cameras over the year. I believe that I got this in 2005. Asking $25 shipped CONUS.


The other camera bag is a Tamrac Explorer 200. Link to Tamrac's site. I've had this for 4 years and like it but I bought a few more lenses and they will not fit in this bag so I got a larger one.

Comfortably holds a D90 with a 24-105 lens, flash, several batteries, memory cards, battery chargers, gorilla pod and more. Includes a rain cover which I have never used. This will also fit in a 8" Jesse bag. I've carted it to Europe and South America and all around the US on my motorcycle. Asking $45 shipped.



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    bump, these are still available.
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