How I found this forum

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I new on this forum. Of course this is not interesting information but, maybe the way I found this forum is.

I'm on belgiumdigital.com, a large photoforum in Belgium, and found a rather interesting thread about a guy who found his photographs on a website. Again, nothing new there, s**t happens. Not only did he find his pictures but they were altered. The copyright info was removed and the EXIF data was changed.
It seems that the one who "copied" the photograph was well aware that he was doing something at least "fishy".

Now, what has this to do with this forum I hear you ask? It's simple, while using the Firefox plugin "who stole my pictures" I found that other photographs could be found and they were posted here. The user that posted the photographs here is the owner of the website where the the Belgian copied pictures where published.

Take a look at this photograph and using the google imagesearch you'll find the copy.

Several members of Belgiumdigital have already contacted the guy who copied the pictures but it seems he's not keen to answer. Looking at his profile and websiteinfo it would be very hard to believe he doesn't know about copyright laws.


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