LowePro Classified 160AW

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Hi! I have a gently used sepia colored Lowepro Classified 160AW bag. It's in great condition and a very sturdy bag. It comes with a memory card wallet, rain cover, and an upgraded strap (it is optech strap... I no longer have the original, rather-uncomfortable strap).

The inside flap (right above the clear area where things like business cards can go) has a small hole on the side. It is purely cosmetic; I had a button pin on that location.

I'd keep the bag but I need a slightly larger bag ever since I upgraded some of my gear.

I want to sell it for $80 (shipped, paypal-ed, and insured) or best offer. If you are local to the Baltimore area, if you want to meet up, we can knock down the price to $70.

I have pictures here: https://plus.google.com/photos/100657690838789932186/albums/5953768677079932737

Sorry for the poor picture quality (it's from my cell phone). I also realize the irony in selling a camera bag using poor pictures. If you need more photos, I can take a higher quality photo.

Thanks for reading and send a PM if you have questions or are interested :)
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