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How much do you guys mostly charge your clients for prints for average size?


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    The variations are endless and in reality, his is a totally pointless question. You need to do your business number crunching to see what you have to charge to cover your costs and research what people charge in your area for similar work to your own.
    That's just the starting point, not the end answer.

    If you haven't worked out what you should charge, you are not ready to be charging anything yet. You need to do lots more homework.

    I'm sure this is not the answer you are looking for or even one you want to hear but it is the correct answer because the question you asked is akin to "How long is a piece of string?"
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    Glort is right. For starters you might do some googling for other photogs in your area and in your market (weddings? studio portraits? on-location portraits? Sports? etc) and see if you can find their pricing info.

    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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