Eye-Fi Desktop Receiver for Windows (beta)

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Eye-Fi Desktop Receiver for Windows (beta)

"Mobi users now have the option to transfer to mobile for on-the-go sharing or to computers for greater archiving and professional editing ability."

Eye-Fi Mobi card
Computer running Windows 7 or 8 Pro with WiFi capability, 10 MB of free disk space and a minimum 2GB of RAM
Older versions of Eye-Fi desktop software must be uninstalled

After installation, launch the desktop receiver for Windows. When prompted, enter your 10-digit activation code found on the plastic case your Eye-Fi Mobi card came in.

Easy to use
Once paired with your Windows computer, Mobi will automatically transfer photos & videos from your camera, whenever new content is detected."

Visit the above link for more information and to register to download this beta software.
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