Deal: Sigma 35 1.4 at Amazon

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Not sure where to post this since the "Deal" section of the Flea Market has vanished (mods please move as/if appropriate).

Sigma 35 1.4 dropped $100 overnight on Amazon - yesterday it was $899 (the price I've been seeing for a couple of weeks) and today it was $799. Presumably Adorama and B&H will follow suit. NOt sure if that's a permanent drop or a flash sale, but just spreading the word in case anybody else has been considering this lens..........


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    Moved to the Flea Market and renamed to conform to other similar posts.

    Thanks for the heads up about this lens. thumb.gif
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    Just for Canon. Nikon is still $899.00. Must be that there are more Nikon shooters that appreciate a good lens on a good camera. :ivar
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    It was $699.99 on the Amazon flash sale... ya missed it!
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    It is $899 as of today... :(:) Please post info on future deals....
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