Lightroom Keyword List Sync across two computers

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I am looking for a better solution than manually exporting and importing keywords across different Mac computers running Lightroom 5.3. Allow to explain the use case

When I am traveling I will use a MacBook Air running Lightroom to catalog, keyword, quick process, upload etc. It is using its own catalog that I maintain just for this purpose. So that I can publish easily to sites like SmugMug. I return home and on my iMac running Lightroom I execute the "Import Catalog" to bring the travel catalog into the main catalog. (I then delete the images from the travel catalog.)

What I have noticed is that I am recreating Keywords and Keyword sets on the travel catalog that I created on the main catalog. Most of the time it is not a big deal, just an annoyance. But I figured I would see if there is a solution that people have found to keep the Keywords consistent.

Does the desire make sense? I figure I can keep importing and exporting keywords or just fix errors when I return.

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    What I do is this: Dedicate a drive for images and LR data (catalog etc). Clone that to as many additional drives (location, safe backup). Then take the drive with you, edit on location, add new keywords etc. Then sync with other drives when back. EVERYTHING gets synced and backed up, the single drive can supply all the necessary files and data such you can mount it on any machine that has a copy of LR and you've got all your data, Keywords and otherwise.
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