Tripad - mount your laptop on your tripod for tethering..

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I had a job coming up in cramped quarters on location so I picked up a "Tripad" on sale for $92.

It is a triangle/table device that fits over your tripod and holds a laptop. It quickly and easily snaps together and/or apart for storage.

Upon removing it from the box my first impression was less than flattering :)

Perhaps it is the fact that my Slik Pro X700 has leg warmers but it doesn't allow for much adjustment. And it is not exactly rigid but was fine for strobe work or delayed shutter release.

I wouldn't exactly call it a flaw but it is limited in that you can not adjust your laptop screen for optimal viewing while standing. The salesman did say they are designed for 15" laptops and mine is a 17"...

Anywho, I didn't trust the front lip to keep the laptop from falling off the slippery plastic surface so I installed velcro tabs.

It did indeed come in handy for the shoot and I will not be returning it.

I soon had the clients squatting a bit to view the images at the correct angle, he, he...




Cheers, Don


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