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For those of you who haven't seen this take a peak. Pretty neat stuff.


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    I bought that back in the summer when the new model was on kickstarter.

    I'm really liking it...bought for hiking...mount goes on my daypack camera strap. Works really well...D7000 with either 12-24 or 18-105 or 28-80. Haven't tried it with my 80-200/2.8...think that would be too heavy.

    Also got the propad that mounts it hanging from your belt. Nice.
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    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

    Using this in a belt looks like a very handy way to handle equipment when not doing any serious hiking. Initially, I was impressed by the photo showing two clips, one for a camera and one for an extra long lens. However, I realized that this wouldn't work if the second lens, the one on the body in the picture, is too short to have a tripod ring. In that case, if you switched lenses, there would be no way to hitch the short lens to the extra clip.

    For serious hiking, I wouldn't want anything on my belt. I would find it uncomfortable to have to hold my arms arms out from my side for hours of hiking. For that, the idea of using a clip on a backpack strap is interesting. however, I do wonder about how much weight would work with that arrangement.

    For serious walking with heavy equipment, I use a Cotton Carrier. That works very well, but it is more involved than simply putting one of these clips on. It's basically the same principle--a different quick release plate that slips into a clip--but the clip is on a larger surface, and you wear it like a vest. That doesn't solve the problem of a second lens either. I generally put extra lenses in a pack or, if I am not going too far and am carrying only one extra, in a lowe pro lens exchange case.
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    Thanks for the info on the Cotton Carrier, that is one wild looking rig. I would only be using it no more than two hours on senior sessions and would have it in my hand for a good bit of the time. I ordered the peak design system and will let you know how it works out.
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    Just got it yesterday and had to play with it today. Not too bad once you get used to it. For 1 or 2 hrs it fits the bill for use and comfort. Don't know about extended and aggressive use.
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    Thanks for this link Chuck! I've been looking for a wrist strap for my Mark IV's & this one may fit the bill!
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