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Thanks again to all the folks who submitted images - as I've said before, it's always great to see captures of the other people and places in our world.
BTW... Many, many, of these images are just wonderful and nicely capture the theme, and so, like all judges in the Minis, I've had a hard time picking just a few to mention - with my personal tastes/biases clearly at work.

First, I'll mention by name, some of my favorites... forgive me for not re-posting all the images as I am tardy with the results and I want to get things moving along to the next challange ASAP.
I encourage anyone interested, to check-out the entry thread to see them all.

Sherry - My wife and I both liked your Kayak image - she has actually done this (with sea otters) and looking at the images of some of the photgs on DGrin who Kayak, it seems like a great way to sneak-up on natural beauty.

Jeff - biking ?? is just awesome! Jump riders are fearless, talented, kinda' crazy, and generally love beer - so you've got it all in this one!

Phil - Really nice close-up catch of the patriotic gliding show!

Kate - #1 Old Truck...Of the several images of vintage vehicles submitted, I think you created one a cut-above with the elements of charm, story, setting, and processing - lovely.

Don - The old Ford truck - Tams - is totally cool and if it were possible, I'd probably shoot a whole roll of film on that one!

Ben - It's impossible not to smile-along with that car and driver - great candid shot!

grandmaR - The Travel Lift is quite unusual, and so, an image of such in action is probably rather rare - nice catch!

Garrick89 - Genting Skyway is one of those often, have-to-be-there to get the shot images - quite a scenic and exotic location for a cable car ride.

Bill - Wonderful blue-hour image of the Giant Dipper... this wooden roller coaster is older than most of us and I had many a lurching, banging, thrill-ride on her as a kid growing-up in San Diego.

Tony - Polo on Wheels - when this one posted my wife exclaimed "well, that sure looks dangerous"... being a bicyclist who has trouble staying up-right using both hands, I had to agree. Fun shot!

Gretchen - Lots of boat and ship images submitted, but, Day is Done has that wonderful sea and sky to set the scene for the man and his boat - I imagine he spends a fair amount of time alone, at sea.

Third Place - CHANDLERJA - By Air
All very nice Jeromy, but I love this image for the in-the-cockpit POV, great color and motion, and cotton puffs - super image of flying history.

Second Place - ShootingStar - gliding
Again, wonderful photos all... you often post images from remote, scenic, and interesting places, and you've done it again!
This one grabs me for the use of negative space, color tones, the unusual combination of subjects, and the idea that these forms of
transportation exist mostly just for the fun of it, and not necessarily to actually go anywhere - military gliding excepted of course.

First Place - 1magineer - "Close Hauled"
Well, for me, so much to love here... I confess to being a huge B&W fan, so, nice B&W work on all of your images - but especially this one - full range of tones, excellent conversion!
Sailing is one of the most ancient and productive forms of transportation and I think you captured an intimate and exciting portrait of pleasure sailing - something these gents probably have a lot of experience in, and love for.
This image does not feature the conveyance so much as the experience of riding in it, and the what the wind will do to a bushy mustache! Nice work Mark - well done!

It's always a privilege to judge a Mini, and I had a lot of fun with this one - thanks to all!
Eric ~ Smugmug


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    Congratulations to the winners

    Eric, the boat in the travel lift is our boat. Travel lifts aren't that rare - what is rare is one big enough to pick up our boat which is quite heavy and also big.
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    Congratulations to the winner.
    Thanks for the 2nd place.

    I personally really love the By Air shot from CHANDLERJA!
    Nature can be so different around the world but it is always amazing!

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    A lot of great work here, and of course finding myself in such great company helps me appreciate the honor of mini-challenge "First Place" all the more—especially as a newbie.

    Eric, thank you for the kind words. I usually convert first using Photoshop CC and/or ColorFX pro first, then SilverFX Pro, and then LR for cropping. My training in the darkroom at Brooks Institute back when it was a premier Photog school weighs heavily on my digital conversions to this day.

    I am considering themes for the next round as we speak. Also, thanks for setting a great example as a host.

    As for the shot... the man on the right is my father—we chartered this sloop, "Quintessence" two Septembers ago. The man on the left is Don Miller, the owner and skipper, and former extremely successful (during silver film days) commercial photographer himself.

    Don and I have a mutual agreement: he get's to use my images on his Quintessence Website (a color version of this one included), and I get to use his likeness in any of my sailing originals for whatever I want. Yeah, the mustache makes a great addition to the shot, Laughing.gif.

    This was taken in Narragansett Bay, off Jamestown, RI.

    Thank again for the kind words!


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    Many good images in this mini. Congratulations to the winners. We look forward to the next theme.
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    Thank you for the kind words! I agree with your choice for the winner! What a great shot Mark!! clap.gif
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    CHANDLERJA wrote: »

    Thank you for the kind words! I agree with your choice for the winner! What a great shot Mark!! clap.gif

    Thank you, Jeromy!

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    Haha congratz to the winners. Looking forward to the next mini :D

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