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So a friend of mine is in a pickle, and is accused of putting a hole in a wall. He needs video evidence for court that there was no hole in any walls of a room in his house.

I would normally take pictures, but photos are too easily manipulated for this kind of thing (smooth out a hole in a white wall? easy photoshop job) and I am having trouble getting my phone to focus on the walls of the room, since they're all solid white.

Now, I understand "I'm using my phone" is a facepalm moment for most of you, so here's my quesiton:

What's the best way to video this? I need to get fairly close to walls, enough to show some detail in paint, but be able to change focus so I can pull out and show the whole wall before zooming in.

I've been thinking of upgrading my DSLR to a 7D for a long time, and I'm within impulse range of purchasing it. Would this be a good tool for the job? Would I have better luck with an actual video camera? (should I rent one?)

I realize getting a camera to focus on a solid white wall is asking a lot, that's why I'm looking for help!

Thanks in advance for any help :)
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    If you want to document something like this for court use, you have
    to include in the documentation the date in which the photograph or
    video was taken. So, include enough of the day's newspaper in the
    image to show the date. Move it around to show that it is not
    covering up something.

    The newspaper in the frame will both provide the date and an "edge"
    that will allow the camera to focus.
    Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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